Turbo Clean

A pressurized hot water system with a vacuum is the heart of our services, which power cleans the hard surface leaving it sanitized, and neutralized.


A chemical solution is applied to floor materials in order to protect them against stains and damage.

We offer several different types of applications dependent on what the need is for a given type of surface.

Topical Coating

A clear coating to perfect surface. Coating sits on top of the stone much like clear nail polish.

Penetrating Sealer

This is your best choice if your goal is to: Protect surfaces subject to corrosion. Obtain a natural, matte finish. Provide invisible protection without changing the surface appearance or leaving a sheen. Impregnator or penetrating sealers are designed to penetrate below the surface of the stone and either deposit solid particles in the pores of the stone, or coat the individual minerals below the surface. Penetrating sealers work by restricting water, oil and dirt from entering the stone or tile.

Water Based

Low VOC’s. Can be applied same day of cleaning.

Solvent Based

Must be applied to a dry surface. Perfect for wet areas.

Enhancing Sealer

Designed to highlight the stone’s natural color. Many homeowners like the way their tile looks when wet—to achieve that deeper color and luster even when your tile isn’t wet, an enhancer is the key. Enhancers can also add various levels of shine to the surface of the stone.


A method of buffing the natural stone using diamond grinding pads to remove chemical etching and scratches. Honing creates a more even surface revealing a matte finish. After a surface is honed the area lacks the shininess and reflective qualities. There is a satin feel; smooth and velvety to touch.

Caulk Repair

Moldy, defective caulk is removed. The area is thoroughly disinfected and prepped to accept stain, mold resistant caulk to match the area.

Polymeric Sand Application

Polymeric sand is used to fill joints between stone, brick or concrete pavers. It is a fine sand combined with additives that when mixed with water form a binding agent. It deters weed growth, is resistant to ants and pests and improves durability.


This is the step after honing to create a glossy finish by using different grit polishing discs. The natural stone surface is brought to a sparkly finish and a mirror look is the final appeal.

Grout Repair

Loose or cracked grout is removed. The area is thoroughly cleaned and prepped to accept new grout using sanded, un-sanded or epoxy type grout dependent on the area.

Color Clad ®

Color Clad is a grout restoration process that brings back the uniformity of color to grout. It provides a near total protection against penetration of stains, mold, and odor causing bacteria. Eco-friendly, zero V.O.C.

Other Services Include

  • Polymeric Sand Removal
  • Sealer Stripping
  • Small Tile Repairs
  • Sandblasting
  • Gum Removal
  • Graffiti Removal